Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Reporting Live from the bay

Whats going on??

Everything is falling into place. I had a SOLID pro am game last night. I think I reminded everybody who is the king around here. The team we play next week is supposed to have Matt Barnes on it, all I have to say about that is RON RONS!!!. LOL. I am in the best shape I have ever been in my career. Hamidu told me that he had 24 and 6 in his summer leauge game. I'm pretty sure Troy is getting 30 and 10 in his game with the same cool and composed look on his face LOL. I really love my team. We are all looking forward to going to Canada. Its great that Laroche, CK, and Watson get to play in front of there family. I Just found out that we are going to play at Arizona this year. GREAT!!! Really looking forward to that Jamelle Horne match up. Alright folks I got nothingm uch to say other than were going hard and can't wait to get the Pan Am rocking this year. This is the decade NMSU goes back on the national map. TRUST ME. Also follow me on twitter @ wens_day

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Good From The Start

Whats going on Cruces??

Academics are taken care of. Looking forward to starting the year from the start. Troy is good to go as well. I'm Working way harder then last summer. AT LEAST 500 shots a day on top of workouts, open gym, and wieghts with the team. I really like our chemistry. Last year I think we had alot of stuff going on individually. It happens sometimes, thank God we were able to put it together at the end and make the tournament.NOW we are all moving together and honestly I don't think there is any team that can stand in our way. This trip to Canada is going to be HUGE, we get to go at other teams early.I'm looking forward to my transition to the wing. That means I get to guard the best scorer on the wing (RON RONS!!!). I also get to I can be versatile. Of course I am not going away from what makes me WEN. Playing hard as I can and going after every rebound I see.Laroche is looking ready to take over as our lead guard, his defense will be a problem for teams. Look out for Bandja Sy this year he is definently coming into his own and working hard. After my generation is gone CK, BJ, and Bandja is going to definently be the best trio WAC. I hope everyone got there seatbelts on. Last year we were just learning how to win. This year we about to do it differently. Punch you in your face type of basketball. DEFENSE!!! and getting in that paint. And dont forget about Gordo Nation in the corner for the 3ball. My prediction right now

NMSU lead the country in AND 1's
NMSU lead the country in rebounding

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Immmmmmmmmmmm Baaaaaaaaaaaccck

Reast in peace John Wooden

How yall doing on this wonderful Satur..... I mean Wensday. Had to fall back for a while because I seen my blog turning into all controversy. All I wanted to do was keep Aggie nation informed and have some fun doing it. I guess I was naive in a couple of things I did last year. This year is about to be crazy EVERYONE is going to be there from the start. We are going to Africa or Europe in August. Every basketball fan in the Country knows about outr team now. Some for bad reasons, but its up to us this year to be better citizens and student athletes.SO ALL ABOARD!!!!!! If you with us come now. Because in March there isn't going to be any room for bandwagon hoppers.

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