Saturday, June 5, 2010

Immmmmmmmmmmm Baaaaaaaaaaaccck

Reast in peace John Wooden

How yall doing on this wonderful Satur..... I mean Wensday. Had to fall back for a while because I seen my blog turning into all controversy. All I wanted to do was keep Aggie nation informed and have some fun doing it. I guess I was naive in a couple of things I did last year. This year is about to be crazy EVERYONE is going to be there from the start. We are going to Africa or Europe in August. Every basketball fan in the Country knows about outr team now. Some for bad reasons, but its up to us this year to be better citizens and student athletes.SO ALL ABOARD!!!!!! If you with us come now. Because in March there isn't going to be any room for bandwagon hoppers.

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