Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Reporting Live from the bay

Whats going on??

Everything is falling into place. I had a SOLID pro am game last night. I think I reminded everybody who is the king around here. The team we play next week is supposed to have Matt Barnes on it, all I have to say about that is RON RONS!!!. LOL. I am in the best shape I have ever been in my career. Hamidu told me that he had 24 and 6 in his summer leauge game. I'm pretty sure Troy is getting 30 and 10 in his game with the same cool and composed look on his face LOL. I really love my team. We are all looking forward to going to Canada. Its great that Laroche, CK, and Watson get to play in front of there family. I Just found out that we are going to play at Arizona this year. GREAT!!! Really looking forward to that Jamelle Horne match up. Alright folks I got nothingm uch to say other than were going hard and can't wait to get the Pan Am rocking this year. This is the decade NMSU goes back on the national map. TRUST ME. Also follow me on twitter @ wens_day

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